Meet Serenity

God gives his toughest battles to His strongest warriors here on earth known as us human people (the saints) but there is a cleansing and type of wisdom that has to take place, a kind of spiritual boot camp that a soul must endure. Mine took place while being incarcerated for almost two years. The outcome was so transforming that I was completely changed from the inside out. You see, I knew I was going to do time because of my crime committed with drugs and before turning my self in I got down on my knees and prayed:

Lord Jesus I’m so tired of this life. My body is so sick. I cant think straight anymore. I have lost everything-my family, friends, and my will to live. Lord, I don’t want to wake up to drugs anymore, gangs or any other type of falsehood. I am so scared and so confused. I don’t know what to do. Please help me. You’re the only hope that I have. I need you and I am so sorry for hurting you and myself. Please forgive me and take control of me and save me not just from everything that I got myself into but the self-destruction that will take me straight to hell. Thank you so much. I know deep down that you love me-problem is, Jesus, I don’t love who I am and what I’ve become. I need you to show me the way. Please God, please forgive me. It’s in my heart and I truly want to follow you and live right by your will not mine. I Love You and trust you.


After praying, I was picked up and taken to jail knowing that I was about to go through something life changing. So many inmates pick Jesus up at the gate going into incarceration just to leave Him there when they leave from being locked up. Well, for me, it was a transforming experience that not only changed my outlook on life but the direction of my eternity that so many people ignore.

It was in this transformation that I came to realize the real reason we are all  born and the unseen spiritual battle we face daily. Because of Adam and Eves’ fall into sin we are all born with the same nature, and sin separates us from God. But because of the life, death and resurrection of His only begotten son we are saved and reconciled back to the father.

For some people their unbelief is their curse and final doom which is the second death after a life lived on earth known as eternal fire HELL. The difference is some of us have a savior to fight for us who is Jesus Christ. It was in prison that I came to know the Power that is in the shedding of the blood through the crucifixion at the cross of Jesus Christ and soon I  came to know the love of God up close and personal.

People ask me all the time if I had the choice to go to prison and do it all again would I. My reply is always. “Yes,” because I know now it was my Heavenly Father that took me there to work on my heart, mind and soul all day, everyday, by calling me by name and giving me to His son who sits at His right hand on the throne.

Jesus not only dropped scales from my eyes on my past life lived in sin but through His Holy Spirit He called me to repentance from sin by acknowledging, saying,  “I am sorry,” and completely turning away from it. I learned while doing time what is evil and what isn’t, what sin is and is not. I learned it all and I know I can call each one by name . . .

Lord Jesus Christ please forgive me for I have committed . . . against you.



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