Word Bullies

Every time I was out of my cell, someone was always arguing with Black Widow. So, I walked over and asked her if she would like to play a game of cards. Her smile was welcoming, but I noticed right away that  some of the women, like Indian who argued with black widow daily, starred at me. Then Indian flat out loud told me, “Don’t play cards with that bitch!” Without hesitation, Black Widow and Indian started arguing.  I just sat there like, “Really? Damn. If you cant get along, just keep your damn mouths shut.”

It was time to lock down again and  I was in my cell when a C.O. came in asked me  if I knew of a woman named Bully from Weld County. I told her I never even heard of the woman.  Being born and raised in Denver, Weld County  was non- existent to me.  I asked the C.O , “Why?”

She explained that like me, for fighting, she has a separation on another inmate and has to do her time in max. So, I got a new roommate. She weighed about 200  pounds and looked like a boy. When I was in the gay scene, she would have been considered to be a bull dyke. She came in very friendly. After conversing with her I soon realized I was enemies with her cousins. I could tell she was getting mad because she started to talk with her chest, which means she stuck her chest out to make herself look tough. I wasn’t afraid of her.  To me she couldn’t bust a grape on a thirsty day.

Actually, I wasn’t the type to ever back down from anyone. My momma says I’ve been that way since I was little. I  remember my first fist fight back in kindergarten. We were always fighting in my old hood in Five Points on the East side of Denver. Back then it was better known  as the Ghetto. My older sister and I would get jumped and beat up for our food stamps.  We were in elementary school, and the girls who jumped us were in junior high.  We got tired of it and started to fight back.

I have been fist fighting ever since. My last fight was a few years ago in my late thirties. If you count me and my X battling, then my last fight was a few months ago. He is a big brotha, half Mexican half black  ,6’2″ and  230 pounds.

So yeah, I wasn’t afraid of no bitch. Even if they got the best of me, I would come back again and again until I knew it was finished.  Then I came to find out that she  was an instigator. Always running at the mouth about someone, thinking she was the shit. Well to make a long story short we were always arguing and there was always tension between us. Finally we were both back in the G-pod because the girl was gone that I got into it with.The one Bully had a separation on, called it truths with the C.O . We had more freedom to move around in a bigger pod, me being the bigger  person went up to Bully and said,”Listen. I wont speak on you, but I’m telling you now, keep my name out yo mouth.”  She looked scared .

As we all locked down, the C.Os came to my four-man room and told me to turn around with my legs apart. Then they handcuffed me. I knew right away who it was and why. Ugh!That Bully bitch whoe!!! I was off to seg again. Twenty-three hour lock down for two weeks.


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