Crazy Bitch Pod Part 2


After lock down, they let Clown Face and another psycho inmate into the T.V room then locked them in safely. Thatz one thing about max lock down is we had to share with the women who were being transferred to Pueblo Mental Hospital. The cell door then opened and all of us came out to start walking around the pod for exercise, someone had measured it so we all knew how many times around the pod walking equaled a mile. As I was walking, Clown Face started to knock on the glass door to get my attention, I looked at the C.O. and she said, “Go ahead and talk to her through the glass, but never sneak her any canteen not even candy because she will freak out if you don’t have any next time.” I gave the C.O. a look like as if to question FREAK OUT? The C.O smiled and stated clown face will start barking and howling while jumping up and down. I was like, “Hell naw.” I stepped up to the glass to talk and take a better look at her. I was amazed at how young she really was, wow just a baby . She smiled at me and then with her finger started to trace the outline of my face on the glass window as if to study every marking on my face. I smiled in acceptance then asked who did that to your face?

She asked, “Who did that to your forehead?” due to the sacred Heart of Jesus tattooed right in the middle of it.

I laughed with a quick reply, “A Tatoo shop in Denver.”

She then lifted up her shirt and revealed a tattoo that said, “HYBRID.” I looked at it in agreement then said, “Cool! Is that the same person who tatted your face?” She said, “YEA, same homie. Are you in a set too”?

I smiled!

She said,”I can tell by your arms that you are.”

Her hair was in a big pony tail that stood straight up right in the middle of her head. I asked, “Do you regret your face?”

She said, “Do you ?”

We both laughed as she stressed how different I was compared to other inmates. I asked, In what way?”  She said, “Your my friend!”

I asked, “Why are you in here?”

She said, “Oh, cuz I set a fire . . .  to a house . . . well actually an apartment complex .

I  was like whut the hell? “Did you kill or hurt anyone in the process?”

She said “Don”t know, but the fire was pretty, and hey did you know I’am a part of Bone Thugs n Harmony?”

Her eyes were so big and blue, although her crime was dangerous, you could see that real talk peeps in deed she was just a baby, a mental, psycho,deranged and clown faced inmate but never-the-less a baby.


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