Meth =Heroin=Crack= Demon Possesion

satan 1

Understand that these three drugs are full of witchcraft. I know Steve Box knows because we did them and experienced the consequences first hand of the power of the demonic world around them.

I sat in my cell and seen how these drugs I had done parallel with each other. In fact I remember looking into a crack pipe full of resin. I mean it was packed from smoking so much. In the brillow at the end of the pipe where the crack is filtered through and lit by a lighter had all kinds of faces of demonic figures. One time, I even showed it to my older two girls just to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating.

Yea I know pretty sad my older two knew I smoked it and they also sold it themselves. I just stood there during lock-down shaking my head and sighing about what was I thinking, all the crap I put my girls through at the hands of Satan’s tools that drugs bring.

I remember one demon face in particular. He l had a boar’s face with a human mouth that was sewed shut with dingy string, and weird enough, he was wearing a nut crackers soldier hat. His eyes so black and cold. I was gonna throw it away but another crackhead flew at the chance of getting hold of it because it was filled with resin. In my stupid mind at the time, I gave it to him. Damn it to hell, Lord, I’m sorry. I should have smashed it. That’s how I know I was under the control of something else, something evil that didn’t care, or I was too zombied out or numb to think in my right state of mind.

Oh, God, what have I been doing to so many of your sheep. I didn’t know , I didn’t know. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me! Please Jesus! I fell on my knees and started crying in my cell. Thank God I didn’t have a celly at the time and was alone.

Most heroin users turn themselves into human voodoo dolls constantly stabbing themselves with needles while injecting a demon called the Dragon, cuz you feel a hot flush run through your veins. then you become under the control of its power by being powerless full of sloth.

I’am alive! I can’t believe I’am still here on earth. The pain was so great that day that my chest started to hurt. So I picked up the Bible and read it until I felt better.  And you know what? It worked! It was so calming,as if Jesus was telling me its over and everything will be brand new. I fell asleep holding my bible that night thinking I miss my mommy, my girls, even my husband. Somehow I knew deep down I was going to prison and that it was because I was in for a big change, a change only God can make from the inside out. As I drifted to sleep I just kept breathing steadily thinking, “You got this Jesus. You got me. You’ll protect me. I know you’re in control.


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